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Copycat recipes are the best!! In fact, I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to them.

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I especially love the ones that come from restaurants that are no longer in existence, or if they decide to take them from the menu. That, my friends, was my meal of choice. Nothing compared to that. I came across a Big Mac that a fellow blogger had made, and I remembered my youngest son telling me he wanted me to try them sometime. So, I quit looking.

I have recreated like three of their recipes so far. Sometimes I just crave their food! Now you can make them at home! I did a lot of research on the sauce. Most of the recipes were pretty close to the same. They all called for relish — some of them sweet relish, some of them dill relish, some of them both. Most called for vinegar, so I did a little taste testing, and I went with sweet relish, and in place of the vinegar, I used dill pickle juice.

“I’m Lovin’ It!”

Mix it all together and refrigerate over night. Let those flavors get a chance to get cozy with one another. You will need sesame seed buns, like the song says … but remember, you need two bottoms and one top bun for each Big Mac. Use the leftovers for garlic bread like we did! Butter them and toast them in a hot skillet and set them aside while you do the rest.

The burger patties need to be thin and pretty big in circumference. I used a really lean ground beef, and they still shrunk.

When your burgers are done, melt a slice of American cheese on top. One burger goes on the bottom bun, stack another bottom on top, add one more burger then the top bun. And just like that, Big Mac. Add a side of fries of course and dig in. Hi, I am Michaela. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

  • McDonald's 'Two All Beef Patties …' Says a Mouthful - 4A's?
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It accused McDonald's of targeting a young audience who were already particularly prone to obesity. The group's founder, Susan Linn, said: "They're dumping one of their most high fat, high calorific products on kids in a way that the kids won't even know that it's happening.

Mr Riker denied that claim yesterday. Rap artists are accustomed to name-checking prestige car, clothing and jewellery brands in their lyrics. We don't know much about Q, but we do know he works in construction and can afford Burberry shirts, aye. He also seems to be hip to the local drug game since his child's mother is battling addiction. Could Q also want to get Ghost back for supplying the neighborhood with drugs and violence? Ghost seems to look at Q with a heavy dose of intensity when he visits Tasha's daycare making the connection even more plausible.

Kemp has shared how she wants to keep Baby Yaz away from the violence on the show and she's done a good job at it. Once again, Yaz is mentioned in a heated argument between Tasha and her mother Estelle played by Debbi Morgan and once more when Ghost threatens to take away Yaz from Tasha.

Maybe Baby Yaz is tired of the back and forth and lack of screen time and wants to show her Daddy she's not the one for games. Estelle isn't a happy camper when she sees Tasha teaching her grandson Tariq how to move weight. She tells Tasha they need Jesus but also might take an initiative to get rid of the "Devil" in their life that is Ghost. Remember Kadeem?

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He's one of the characters in the Power universe that has been talked about often but never seen—until now. Their exchange is brief but Kadeem tells Tommy to let him know if he ever has a hunch about who killed the mother of his child. Kadeem is about that life, considering his stint in jail and his slight resemblance in personality to Tommy. The two have that "crazy eyes" look and a love for gold chains. Maybe Kadeem was under the impression that Ghost killed LaKeisha and wanted to do the deed himself. Williams shared with Entertainment Weekly small details behind his cameo and if he'll appear in other aspects of Power, including the much-talked-about spin-off series.

With a smile and a wink, Pops will instruct you to heed the angel on your shoulder but leave a little room for what the devil has to say too. The comedian, writer, and part-time model exuded Black cool without trying. In those moments, he managed to inspire many of the comedians shining on the stage and on the screen.

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Basically, if it was Black and funny, you had to have Witherspoon and his specialized brand of comedy come through and make a sitcom writing staff look like geniuses. If they give you one line, make it the one line everybody remembers. But Pops tripled up on it. Legend is a word overused when we talk about our greats who have moved on to that leisure suit in the sky, but Spoon gifted us with over five generations of comedy.

McDonald's takes the rap

His relevance was staked in his ability to reinvent. Thank you dcimprov and johnnywitherspoon for a weekend of sold out shows!!! A post shared by www. So many Black men in Detroit, Chicago, Philly, and many other cities across the country avoided a fatal outcome because Pops told us to use the only two weapons God gave us.

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Always working. Always there for us. Inside of every Black man exists a mix of a conscious-outthink-your-enemy like Huey and a chest-out-in-ignorance Riley-like character that are dually at odds. You win some, you lose some, but you live to fight another day. Legacy is not appreciated as much as it should be in Black entertainment.

We like to differentiate between generations and downplay anyone not doing as better as yesterday's icons. But John Witherspoon was a direct plug between Pryor and the many young up-and-coming comedians he was gracious enough to let open for him. Comedian Lil Rel had plans to showcase some of that legacy soon with Witherspoon in mind.

The McDonalds Drive-Through Rap + Lyrics

My condolences pour out to his wife of 31 years Angela, and sons Alexander and John David. We just say thank you for sharing him with us.

He's also the host of the Classic Black Dude podcast. Get a laugh or two in from his socials theeclarkjones. Mack November 30, - pm by Ashley Pickens. In light of McDonald's Big Mac creator's recent death, we honor his contribution to the hip-hop game. All things VIBE. Daily - Straight to your inbox.