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Sound recorder for Mac: record all the audio that plays through your computer. WavePad is a fully featured professional audio and music editor that allows you to record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings.

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You can add a variety of effects such as echo, amplification and noise reduction. The great thing is, it's absolutely free although it does offer you the chance to upgrade to WavePad Master's Edition which has additional effects and features.

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This free version can support sample rates from to Hz, stereo or mono at 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits. There's also an integrated CD ripper to save your creations. You can also have fun with the voice synthesizer which can give your voice a robotic effect for those out there still into Kraftwerk. The overall interface is clearly laid out and easy to use. You can use tabs to flip from edit to edit and there's a handy magnification tool to make razor sharp edits of tricky mixes, fade-ins and fade-outs.

There are far more interesting effects to be had in the Master's Edition but as a mid-range audio editor that's easy to use, WavePad is an excellent choice.

Wavepad Audio Editor 9 Crack Version Download | Best Sound Editor

If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Softonic review Free audio and mp3 editor that anyone can use to meet all their music editing needs on Mac Advertisement. VLC media player Simply the best multi-format media player.

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  • 13 of the Best FREE Audio Editors in 12222.
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Soundflower Allow different applications to access your soundcard. Must reduce the rating. The free version is not recommendet. The version is fast and stable.

WavePad Free Audio, Music and Mp3 Editor for Mac

And there is a FREE version. Tried it; didn't like it. Went to edit a flac file and you have to be connected to the web. Which makes me think the thing is not a complete editor and it has to phone home or use web based data to perform it's fuction. I'm not a developer; so that's my best guess.

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Seems like something fishy is going on here. I would avoid this for security reasons unless there is some sort of verifiable explanation of why an audio file editor has to call home to function. And the GUI is total amateur night. Looks like an old java app. From the developer's website: "A number of professional tools for WavePad are only permanently available if you have purchased an upgrade to WavePad Master's Edition. You can purchase and upgrade to WavePad Master's Edition here.

WavePad Free Audio Editor and Music Editing Software for Mac

Like 2. I was looking for good and cheap broadband noise reduction software. OK, Skype. But name one more. I know it's an old thread but maybe what you really mean was, "name one developer or software that did not start as WindersWare that doesn't suck And no I can't think of any, lol. That'd be a great thread on another forum Wow, let's cram a few MORE buttons on there, shall we??

Get an interface designer and a beta-testing group oh, and stick to Mac HIG and convention please and I think you may have a winner at some point. Definitely suited my purposes quickly. Plus, its free.


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