Starcraft 2 mac vs pc

Boot Camp vs OSX? So, I was wondering if anyone here has tried SC2 on both OS's and if one of them performed above the other? Yeah, my boot camp partition has like 50 more fps at least for some reason, performs so much better.

Can you play on MacBook Air? Starcraft 2

However, don't be a graphics whore is my best suggestion. IdrA plays with everything on low too, all the cool kids do ;. I know.

I saw his stream and it was on low. I was just wondering which one would run smoother seeing as I had some hiccups on OSX.

With just a few minor caveats on the multiplayer side

Definately a large difference for whatever difference between the two. Much better performance in Bootcamp, and you don't have weird mouse accel. Same for me. Boot camp is a huge improvement over OS X. Thats what I thought. TF2 ran so much smoother on windows. Mac's video card drivers are not as good as Windows'.

DirectX rendering gets a lot more love, both on the silicon in your video card, in the drivers and in the game itself. It's going to have a higher framerate on DirectX.

StarCraft 2 Mac Review: Can you run it?

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You say that macs have little and noone needs antivirus for them, so what prevents people from making more viruses for them because no one uses antivirus on them? I use linux for everything, i have for years and never had any sort of a security issue with it. What it comes down to is that the hardware itself is overpriced.

There is no arguing that. However, some of the software can be invaluable to certain users, and that's what you're really paying for. Its just that when they weren't popular in the past, nobody had one so nobody wasted time writing viruses for mac's. Jul 19, Most of the really important software has worked on both system for quit some time, particularly the adobe creative sweet for Graphic Designers.

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  4. Starcraft 2 Mac vs PC;
  5. Both will run them perfectly and the differences between version is miniscule. The only programs that are really still mac specific are exceptionally advanced and overpriced programs that go in the range of Most people could go with lower end programs that work on pc and still get good results. Sep 7, I am a mac user I like the interface of the OS more and I have alot of apple products so using a mac is a no brainier for me as it's easier.

    Also as Apple has tried to more and more make more powerful computers they've been diversifying their hardware choices given to consumers so the old days of when all mac's we generally the same computer so the software would be custom tailored to those designs is over. Only reason why anyone would ever buy a Mac is because they must use a program that is Mac exclusive.

    StarCraft Heart of Swarm rMBP OS X vs BootCamp | MacRumors Forums

    Any other reason Sep 9, I'm no software engineer, but the structure of windows really puts me off sometimes. Time machine vs! If it wasn't for windows 7, i would definitely be still running Mac OS X. I've gotten over the iFad, but I still love the OS Your definitely not getting your money's worth hardware wise! Windows machines seem to get slower over time if they are not maintained, though Mac seems to boot up at the same speed years after purchase For example, I'd bought a brand new laptop, with a fresh install of windows I went to install Autodesk Maya within the first week of purchase and it was missing a DLL file from the OS that I'm guessing should have been there, these kind of things really annoy me or anyone.

    My final input, buy a windows machine because it's cheaper unless your doing some kind of graphics or are working in some niche industry where it's a standard not 3D though, as it requires horsepower more than anything. A Mac mini is quite nice just for general tasks around the home! Ultimately if Blizzard released their games to Linux native I'd migrate there Have something to say? Log in to join the conversation.