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Horace Nissan Hyundai. Hopper Properties. Hopkins Mfg. Here's a short roundup of abortion laws throughout the world.

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Let's note a few countries generally considered more liberal than the US. Germany Although a law makes abortion illegal, neither doctors nor women are prosecuted if the mother is a victim of rape and the procedure is performed within 12 weeks of conception. A similar waiver exists in the first trimester for cases in which the mother has received counseling to encourage carrying her baby to term but still wants an abortion.

After the first trimester, abortion is available only to preserve the life or mental or physical health of the mother. State insurance generally does not pay for the procedure except in cases of financial need. More conservative than the US. Sweden Since , abortion has been legal in Sweden in all circumstances within the first 18 weeks of pregnancy. After this point, abortions are only permissible to save the life or physical health of the mother, or if approval is granted by the National Board of Health and Welfare.

To date, abortion has not been a politically controversial issue in Sweden. More conservative than the US, unless the national board is very, very liberal on its exemptions. Great Britain Abortion is freely available in Great Britain due to a broad interpretation of the Abortion Act of , which permits abortion for a variety of reasons if certified by two physicians. Within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, these reasons may include: to save the life of the mother, to protect her physical or mental health, to terminate pregnancies involving fetal abnormality, or for social or economic reasons.

About the same as the US, if one averages out state laws. And, this is why I don't blog about reproductive choice issues more. Weirdly, one former Facebook friend, whose views I generally thought I agreed with, unfriended me over this issue. Or maybe, for him, it was a "last straw" related to other issues. I'm generally a social liberal, but, after a point of fetal viability, I oppose unlimited abortion, like Canada allows.

I'm on the left-hand side of the great American center on this issue. Since becoming a secularist, nothing has empirically or logically moved me to anywhere near an unrestricted abortion stance.

That said, unlike a secularist such as Nat Hentoff, nothing's led me back to the pro-pregnancy stance I held while religious. And, as fetal viability issues show, BOTH poles on this issue can be selective about their science. Of course, one can be even uglier, like P. Myers, and on paper at least, support post-birth infanticide on a very narrow definition of viability. And, on the Patheos thread linked above?

Contra one commenter, availability of services is an entirely different issue than "abortion on demand. But, in the clear demonstration that they're different issues, Western Europe has high access to services, certainly in the three countries mentioned, but, unlike Canada, does not have abortion on demand. Also, some people there assume that because I don't support "abortion on demand," I'm a heartless conservative otherwise. Actually, no. I've blogged before that I think Medicaid should still pay for poor people to have abortions, albeit within the viability restrictions I've mentioned.

As for the idea that a, say week window for viability runs up against the normal week period for amniocentesis? Well, a procedure like chorionic villus sampling , though somewhat more limited, can be done at weeks. And, again, those "liberal" countries of western Europe and Australia that don't have a theocratic patriarchy deal with very similar issues. I'm also learning that at least per nonscientific sampling "abortion on demand" folks tend to overestimate the percentage of severe disabilities in premature births, even very early ones.

And, trying to discredit referencing Wikipedia, as if it doesn't link to actual medical research in its articles on preterm birth or fetal viability?


You're coming close to obfuscation. And, when I otherwise present statistics, claiming they're wrong? Or presenting your own claims to statistics without links? You're getting as close to being as fact-free as you claim the Hobby Lobby folks are.

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And, to any social justice warrior types, ready to say, "You're not a woman," I'll respond that "You're not a week-old post-viability fetus. And, something similar to that eventually came up on the thread. I cited a week-old contracting encephalitis vs. I was told that was "some ridiculous academic discussion. I then brought up real-world infanticide; even if P. I had turned off notifications of updates in the thread before that.