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I could give you an answer how to determine if the CPU is the limiting factor, which would be my guess that the video stream just is too much for the CPU to process.

Chromeboxes as Mac Mini Alternatives in Education

I've just discovered this help page amazon. The little fella is almost doing it! Just needs a bit of help. Amazon video is using a somewhat inefficient codec and software stack to deliver the content. The software to render the video is likely single threaded on your Mac OS. Your CPU has only two cores and at 1. Each time you double the sides of a rectangle, you have to calculate 4x the pixels. Even reducing from horizontal pixels to horizontal pixels would drastically reduce the processing power needed to render the video.

How to UPGRADE RAM in the 2018 Mac mini & save $$$!

Then let the video play and watch the CPU allocation. Now this is an awesome answer.

Latest Apple Mac mini at lowest price on Amazon — save $

I just had some ideas on how to troubleshoot it and no real insight into how to fix things. Thanks for sharing and be sure to accept this once the wait period expires for self accepting an answer. Thanks bmike but I'm kind of embarrassed that the solution turned out to be so simple! I feel a bit silly. Flash no longer seems to be an option for Amazon Prime. Sam Axe Sam Axe 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. Featured on Meta.

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Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. The Mac Mini is only 7. Regardless of which version of the computer you get, its dimensions remain the same. The small form factor of the computer is one of its top selling points. Weighing a mere 2. The power supply is built right into the computer, so there is no bulky brick of a power-supply adapter to contend with. Apple released several different versions of the Mac Mini desktops since Each one features different components and power levels.

Each computer contains almost all the functionality of a standard desktop computer, including a modern CPU, GPU, hard drive, ports, and air vents. The original release version contains a PowerPC G4 processor. Apple later switched to an Intel Core processor in The modern Mac Mini is carved from a solid block of aluminum.

Apple Mac mini available on Amazon at $150 discount

The desktop comes in three different models, each of which lets you choose between different types of storage solutions. All three models offer an optional Fusion drive or solid-state drive that you can choose as part of your personal configuration choices. All models of the Mini run on the macOS operating system. The Mac Mini only comes with the stand-alone computer system.

The monitor, mouse, keyboard, and other accessories will need to be acquired separately. All accessories can be connected easily to the computer system through the various USB ports at the back of the computer. The computer also gives you access to apps for emails, web browsing, sending texts, and making FaceTime calls. Jump out of bed this Cyber Monday and finish out your Christmas list by shopping for Mac Mini desktops, gift wrap, and more with a side of unbeatable deals and discounts. Content provided for informational purposes only.

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  8. Apple Mac Mini- Late, 2. Apple Mac Mini A Core i7 2. Apple Mac Mini Apple Mac Mini i7 3. Apple Mac Mini 3. Far cheaper than Crucual same result. Still don't understand though how expensive memory is. Needed to add additional memory to a 27" iMac. Just what was required and has significantly increased the speed of my mac.

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    Easy installation and does the job. After installing Mavericks things started to get a lot slower. Adding this RAM has made a huge difference and it was an easy install - just three screws. Doubling the RAM with this made a remarkable difference.

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    Everything runs a lot smoother, logging in is a lot quicker, doesn't feel like an ancient computer anymore. Love it, thx guys - and also for a quicker delivery than expected. Worked perfectly in my Lenovo AIO desktop system. Not a games machine by any means but certainly made a whole lot of difference to boot up and app loading etc. Can't fault it. Read the reviews, prepared for some problems but the whole process took about one minute and worked first time. Just make sure the module is pushed in, level with the others which you do NOT need to remove.