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It's much better just to start from scratch and import the most important applications and those settings manually, then take a long hard look at whats left and if you really need it. You'll end up with a much cleaner computer. Ideally, your data should be all stored on the network or external device somewhere anyway. Like you pointed out, it's true that freeing up space on the Mac's hard drive is the most important steps to speed up a slow Mac.

Mac Runs Slow Review - How to Speed Mac With This Software

Unfortunately, it's also the hardest and I learned Mac's waste a lot of space with so many files that we do not need. Your post reminds me of the detox macbookhelpers dot com performs because it freed up over 6gb on my computer. Thanks for the explanation and tips you always provide; it will help a lot of people. Nice tips. Mac users must use Stellar Speed Up Mac tool for this work. This tool helps to remove all junks files, widgets, universal binaries etc. That's what my OS And does it just kill the font db? This command scares me!!

Switiching to a SSD would be one of the path breaking step to fasten a dull Mac but SSDs are too costly and many will drop the idea to have it. Not only do those apps have horrendous marketing practices that borders on spam, it's also debated as to whether they actually achieve anything.

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Also, I tired one of those "remove language files" functions once and it's the only time I've ever managed to break an OSX install. Not fun. Talking about swapping optical drive for an SSD, is it possible on a Windows laptop? Um, Of course it is It depends on your exact model, but a generic kit like this may work - http: Mine has just one screw that hold the drive in place, so it seems to work. The problem is how can I find one of these in my country! Cambodia, frankly.

I already had much trouble finding even an SSD. Go ask the dudes at the shops and in most cases they don't even know what it is! For even older Macs try Lubuntu Too bad last time I tried updating with Apple, I swear software was removed instead of being added. Then the old tip - check if you can add more memory. Memory is cheep and 0. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. THis is a great tip. Improved my osx mail performance tremendously. I had been migrating that same bloated envelope index for years.

Mine went from 16 Megs to 4 Megs and Mail feels much better. Tried this. I too use mostly IMAP accounts. I notice no difference in speed. The new one is My Envelope file was 45M. After importing 93, messages, it was reduced just a bit to 38M. But opening mailboxes seems significantly quicker.

Searches are faster too. It was previously taking several minutes to search the subjects of a mailbox with less than 50 messages. This is now very much improved. I'd tried rebuilding the mailboxes without improvement. I had a look hmmm I have an IMAP account. Mail says I'll have to rebuild the index for emails this will take 1 hour and 33 minutes. Phew, luckily it didn't quite take that long.

I tell it. That's different. Mail goes into a loop and has to be killed. New Envelope Index is now 60MB not much of an improvement really. For POP accounts, this deletes a whole bunch of mail files that hang out on your disk, even after deletion. What I want to know is why Mail keeps files after you've deleted messages? The first time I discovered this, there were thousands of files in my mailboxes. I deleted them manually, but later found that rebuilding does the same thing. I don't see why you should have to rebuild a mailbox to delete deleted messages Kirkville -- http: One thing to note though for the original Hint poster He was connecting to Exchange which is a very important clue The Public Folders section of Exchange servers can be massive and they automatically will Synch and downlaod to your Computer in Mail Here on an Exchange server some one with a new mail box Enveloppe Index is not an issue and doesn't fix anything, no more than a rebuild does since its a new account with no mail and a new config aon a new Mac can experience massive slow downs simply because of Public Folder synch and storage on the computer.

It doesn't remove the content. So when Mail checks the fodlers and content when loading it still keeps checking all those folders since their in its INdex and Mail folder. That swhy he got such speed improvements.

As for Exchange there is a trick to not have the public folders checked in Mail, but thats another story What it does is clean all the cached folders and emails and then allows you to download a fresh copy off the server. So any lingering deleted emails again, only the reference to the email is removed, not the mail its self or the space it takes up are cleaned up since the folders in which they resides are gone from mail's cache and memory.

Thats why alot of times if you use your IMAP account alot after a while it gets to be quite slow It simply has accumulated crap over time. What is the "Rest of the Story" to "As for Exchange there is a trick to not have the public folders checked in Mail, but that's another story I need to disable the synchronization of public folders. My Envelope file was MB. Mountain Lion can easily become quite unresponsive if you have too many login items set to open automatically.

It can be quite useful to have your most common apps such as Skype or Mail load automatically, but it does place quite a burden on your Mac as everything tries to load at once. If at all possible, try to keep your login items to an absolute minimum.

Many people complain their computer is slow, but what they really mean is that their Internet connection is slow. You can also check the various network options in Safari , clear the caches of downloaded files and images, or even reset everything completely choose Reset from the main Safari menu as shown below. Another option to speed up Safari is to disable any extensions that have been installed. It might not seem immediately obvious, but having a desktop full of app and document icons is a surefire way to slow down your Mac. Make sure that all your files and folders are organised in a series of hierarchical subfolders.

You may have seen inexperienced users organise files that way, but it can definitely make your computer feel more sluggish.

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How to speed up Mail on your Mac

Awesome machines other than the lack of upgrade and battery replacement options though. Re Same goes for unused preference files imho. My main culprit was GeekTool.

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A calendar geeklet I was using was set to refresh every 0 seconds! As soon as I changed it to every seconds, the machine was suddenly snappy again.

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