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As a client of mine ran into the same SMTP issues when he migrated to my mail server, I was asked to get his mail going on Yosemite. It seems one has to wait about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes, to see the changes taking effect. After doing many changes quickly without any results, I set the thing up as I thought it should work, and got into a conference.

Add Your Gmail Account to Apple Mail Using IMAP

When I returned about 45 minutes later, everything worked perfectly well. I have a few different ones i use though the app. I removed the account. Deleted all of those. Not sure why it seems to randomly stop working, but this worked for me. Alternatively, the app MailTab Pro for Gmail is worth the couple bucks to not have to deal with this. Works every time. Over time, all connections to Gmail, comcast and Yahoo have gone off line. Microsoft Outlook continues to work fine. So, I tried option 1 and it fixed Gmail and Comcast issues.

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Option 2 fixed the Yahoo issue and I was able to send a message through Yahoo and it worked. I have just configured gmail to poll my Yahoo account and I will just stop using Yahoo as my primary. After backing up everything I could lay my cursor on, I did a clean install. The only option to reinstall was Yosemite which I proceeded with. The problem still exists, exactly as it was in Mavericks. The clean install made my external hard drive disappear off my list of devices.

Now my problems are manifold. There has been no improvement in the O. Outbox disfunction.

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I have been trying to sort this out for ages. Yahoo mail appeared online, all setting correct but would not get new mail. Hey Apple! This is my second try at Yosemite. Email still does not work although in three months a number of other bus and glitches seam to have improved. By following this page I simply added many new messages in my Outbox, none of which I can remove.

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The only way to quit Mail is to Force Quit…this cannot be the right way to treat a machine! I did some reconfiguration, deleted my Yahoo mail account then added it again, using a new authentication app specific password from Yahoo. I could not see any single email. All other contents contacts, notes, calendar, reminders works except mail. Thanks for the solution.

How to Access a Gmail Account in Mac OS X Mail

Useful and fast remedy. I am not a computer freak but in 5 mins I ve spotted and solved the problem. Thank you so so much!

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I have been trying to fix this problem for months. What an easy solution! It feels good to finally have my Mail app back. Google Mail has a couple of settings now that may prohibit your Mac from sending mail. You will need to go into your profile settings on Google and either turn on Access for Less Secured Apps or if using Two-Factor Authentication, generate an App specific password.

2 Possible Fixes for Mail SMTP Sending Errors in OS X Yosemite

That should fix this issue for you. Before that it was not an issue. See info here: One more thing: Google has a good page on settings specific to your app: Stupid software bugs, lol. I have been struggling with this mess for months, super annoyed with Apple. Now I can not get in to my mail server as Communigate says: What the heck?? I hate Yosemite and Apple. Hi, this annoying problem of mail not being able to send anything at all appeared today morning out of nowhere.

I tried this but now all of my mail accts are gone! I made a copy and moved it to my desktop and now neither of those folders have my email acc data in them. Second tip worked for me.

Mac Mail setup with Imap and SMTP auth

Since installing Yosemite, all my Gandi. The only solution prior to this was a complete reboot.

Mail has been crap since Lion. Accounts automatically resetting the SSL setting, popping up and requesting a password or saying the cert is invalid. If you have more than a couple of accounts and thousands of emails archived, it slows to a crawl, requiring a rebuild of the email database frequently. What happened to the elegance? What a goofy childish design. I would go back to a Windoze machine but they are worse.

IMAP vs POP3 - How to Email in the 21st Century

Like others I had the same problem with Gmail. Tried the suggestions listed here and mucked around with the SMTP server list. Nothing helped. Finally in frustration deleted Google from the Internet Accounts, and added it back. That fixed it. Weirdness was that the configuration was problem free for months after upgrades from Mountain Lion, Mavericks and finally Yosemite.

I wonder if Google has made a change on acceptable authentication parameters…. AccountName Gmail. SecurityLayerType 3. Username username gmail. If I have spare time hahahahaha I'll try to figure out if one or both of these is responsible for the odd behavior. As I have not yet checked the XML plist for corruption, that could be a possible cause as well. Well, the fix of the plist lasted about 1 day, and the behavior of the SMTP server not working is back… boo. It makes Mail unusable.

This only started after I upgraded to a new Macbook pro Thank you for the great tip! Editing the Account. I was messing around for one week ….

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Second, disabling secure authentication is not a fix! Its a workaround at best, and an insecure one. Not to mention that some people may not even realize that you are basically telling them to send mail in an insecure way, like the guy above who now happily sends company mails over insecure connections. Thank god I found this post! Had a weird problem where it was asking for an SMTP password for an account that was long since completely deleted from Mail. You saved me some grey hair! Since I updated to Yosemite Its been over a month and I still have the problem… cant believe apple could suck this bad.

Ive been an apple user since back to ….