Kraft mac and cheese recall 2014

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Kraft mac and cheese recall 2014

In , Kraft was the first to sell boxed macaroni and cheese, and it became an instant hit. It was the height of the great depression and the product was inexpensive, and its shelf life of 10 months was certainly attractive in a time when not everyone had refrigerators.

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It was also a great way to feed the whole family something hearty and filling, and was meat-free in a time of rationing during World War II. But even so, Velveeta isn't exactly on a winning streak. In fact, Kraft has been forced to recall its famous cheesy product several times before.

Kraft Heinz expands recall of wrapped American slices

Earlier this year, nearly two million pounds of Velveeta Cheesy Skillets were yanked from the shelves following the discovery that these products had been mislabeled. This particular strain of Cheesy Skillets contained hydrolyzed soy protein and dried soy sauce, which are both known allergens. Certain packages contain soy ingredients, but do not list them on the packaging.

Kraft Total Recall

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