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But I think I found my problem.

(Mac/Win) How To Increase Your uTorrent Download Speed to the MAX [4K] - SNYTECHHD

Might be worth noting that I am behind a gateway that's using NAT. As far as the orange connection indicator, in that same tab in prefs, I can specify the incoming TCP port or make it randomize. The orange means 'no incoming connections' I've been playing with this a little bit, and out of curiosity, set it to use port 80 I know, it's for html and got a red indicator saying "Listen error". If I knew the range, I could try forwarding it to see if that speeds up performance. Ok so I'm new at this whole uTorrent thing, because I have mac i've just been using Limewire.

I love that we now have uT for Mac. However, I was able to download uT but I can't get it to open. Am I supposed to download something else to open it? It's in my applications but I can't get it to open. Some help for a rookie?

26 Reasons Why a Mac Computer is Running Slow [Infographic]

If you're on a mac, you just double click the. Then drag the. I already did that and it's already in my Applications in the Macintosh HD, but when I double click on the actual uT application icon it doesn't open. I have the exact same problem. Except, everything should be fine according to your instructions.

The light is green for the ports and the torrents work fine in Bittorrent, they just don't download in uTorrent. I had this same problem for weeks.

26 Reasons Why a Mac Computer is Running Slow [Infographic]

I got my torrents to start working after I enabled encryption. After that, my torrents began to work very well, even though the yellow thing became red. I have the same problem. When I click on the application the light comes on for a few seconds but then nothing happens. This is what happens to me.

uTorrent vs Transmission on Mac OSX Lion

If I unistall torrent and then reinstall it connects. But only for a short while.

Tip #2: Correct uTorrent client settings

Really bugging me and no one here bothers to answer each time I ask. Search In.

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