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Here you can change playlist settings. Elmedia Player 4.

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Go to Plugins tab of Elmedia Player Preferences to download or update plugins, required for correct files playback. Was this article helpful? No Yes. We're sorry this wasn't helpful.

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Specify the amount of disk space that websites you haven't visited can use to store information on your computer. Comment: if this is unchecked videos may stop working on websites like hs.

Some websites may access information from other sites using an older system of security. Comments: this section is only on the left side of the page, not as one of the tabs in the main "window"!

Dangerous Files? .sol files? | Norton Community

Comment: this section is usually empty, except for YouTube domain ytimg. Flash Player saves license files and components that allow this computer to play protected video and audio, such as purchased movies or music.

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Some websites may use the peer assisted networking features View, change or disable these settings for the websites you have visited. Disable the Google Earth plug-in in all browsers after installing Google Earth. Disable the Picasa Google plug-in in all browsers after installing Picasa.

Dangerous Files? .sol files?

You can enable these plugins later if you need them. Uninstall the Adobe Flash plug-in. Uninstall the Adobe Shockwave for Director plug-in. AdBlock 3. Comment: on this page go down until you see the settings section.

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  • Comment: this section is usually empty. Comment: the list of websites is different on different browsers OS X