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I can switch to internal audio, which works, but if I switch the output back to the RME interface it still does not play. The only option is to power down the interface and replug the cables, and sometimes I have to do a full restart of the laptop as well.

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I'm on Mojave The RME Drivers are all up to date, as is the firmware. Posted on Dec 8, PM. Page content loaded. Yeah, I've contacted support although they don't seem to have direct support, it's through a uk based third party.

RME Fireface UC USB Audio Interface

I was just hoping someone may have a quick fix. Tha someone has had a similar problem and could point me in the right direction. Is it on the right setting for Mac? Yeah, already tried that too. This is probably very unlikely, but could you try a different power outlet? I had some grounding issues with mine at one point where flipping a light switch killed audio, even though the unit stayed on.

The engineers are pretty quick to respond. I've contacted support now, they've said it needs to be sent back for repair. Thanks anyway for all the suggestions.

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Standard Delivery Times. Related Products. If you're experiencing audio drop outs in LIve, inspite of using a decently new laptop with Windows10 installed, this may solve your problems. I used to own a Steinberg UR22 which did me good services for many years on a Win8 system. Then i recently replaced that 5 yr. But, lo and behold, i started experiencing audio drop outs with my UR22! At first i assumed it's just a one-off glitch.

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So i got frustrated enough to want to do something about it,. I had read somewhere that this RME Fireface soundcard had great latency performance.

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Didn't think that alone would solve my problems with audio drop outs because the USB data transfer seemed to be interrupted on the UR22 even at higher buffer size settings like samples. Data packages are not sent continously but rather in sequential "parcels". This seems to be the magic trick, to me at least. Very very happy. If you're frustrated with audio drop outs in your DAW, give this a try.

I cannot guarantee anything, but it certainly did the magic for me. Just wanted to let you know! PPS Thomann service friendly and great, as always!


Please give us the reason for your assessment in the following text box and — if possible — your e-mail address for further questions. Send report. I'm using this audio interface mostly for recording acoustic music, usually in pair with my Neumann KM Pros: I must say that the sound quality is incredible, no self-noise or coloration, it's pure and clear.

The stereo picture is wide and realistic, even when listening on headphones you feel like you sitting in front of a performer, the level of detail is amazing. This also uncovers any recording problems and poor mic placement which you won't hear in consumer audio gear. I've been using Fireface UC for a few months and never experienced any dropouts or any driver problems running it on Windows 10 , it's very stable. Delay-free monitoring is a very useful feature when you're recording.

It might take a bit to get used to controls if you're upgrading from a less complex interface, but the manual book provides clear instructions.

Cons: none in terms of performance and quality. I wish they'd add a possibility of using FX with delay-free monitoring, but unfortunately, it's not supported in this model, so you can only monitor dry sound without delay.