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You can simply enter a keyword, or a list of keywords and click start…. From there the scraper will then load each of the webpages and hunt for email addresses on the page, and when found extract the emails from the page and display them in the GUI.

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The Email Scraper will also save the keyword used to find the email address, along with the URL of the page the address was extracted from. The scraper is multi-threaded and very fast, making it possible to extract hundreds of emails per minute. Additionally you can choose to only scrape emails where the email address matches the site being scraped, this can ensure scraped emails belong to the site and are not unrelated addresses from sites like Gmail or Hotmail. If so the Crawl Loaded List tab offers the ability to do just that!

Also it has all the same filter features as the Search by Keywords option. You can also set how many levels deep to scrape, for example if you load the homepage of a website and select 1 level deep the email scraper will visits the sites homepage and extract all emails from the page. At the same time it will also extract all internal links to other pages, then it will crawl all of those pages and extract emails from those pages as well.

This deep crawl option can work up to 8 levels deep within a website. If you have a pile of text files on your computer that contain email addresses along with other random text and are wondering how you can get all the addresses out of the files then wonder no more. The Extract From local Files option lets you load thousands of text files at once, and with the click of a button extract out all the email addresses in to one list which is available to export as a Excel or a single text file. This has been a very popular request from users, the ability to extract email addresses from your inbox!

If you have an email account containing hundreds or thousands of emails from other people, and you want to build a list of all their addresses then you will love this feature. Instead simply enter your email accounts Pop 3 settings in to the settings window, and let the Email Scraper plugin do the rest.

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It will login, and then proceed to open each email and extract the email addresses from each email. On the Extract From Email Account options window, you are also able to select if you want to scrape email addresses from the message body or just the senders address. You can also choose to not download large emails, such as those with large attachments. Another very popular request from users, being able to verify a list of email addresses to filter out invalid or non-working email addresses.

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When sending emails you want to minimize the sending of emails to non-working email addresses and receiving too many bounced and returned emails. Add any more you may discover. Edit: Removed ". You could speed up the process considerably by breaking up the text at the " "s instead producing fewer chunks and reconstructing the e-mail addresses from the relevant bits on either side of each break:.

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If you're running a recent Mac OS version, it's also possible to use AppleScriptObjC and a regex to find e-mail addresses, which is likely to be more accurate:. Thanks, Yvan. I thought there must be an NSDataDetector method to find e-mail addresses, but since I don't regard e-mail addresses as "links", I didn't think to try it! The extraneous stuff needs to be weeded out:. Here is yet another approach.

Excluding the Mail text obtainment portion, it's a one-liner, and it can function with older MacOS installs—at least as old as Mavericks. Caveat: It was minimally tested. I don't use Mail myself and my test messages happen to be five I still have in it from when John Day sent me them a few years ago precisely for the purpose of extracting e-mail addresses from their contents! I used sed at the time, but I can't find the script and wouldn't recommend it now anyway.

Going through the scripts in this thread again this morning: 1. My initial TIDs script in response to Stefan turns out to be utter rubbish since it uses ". Edit: Now corrected above. The script still treats "uucp localhost" as an e-mail address, though.

How to Extract Email Addresses from MBOX File of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Google Takeout

My regex script in the same post returns all the right results. Yvan's suggestion returns "http:" links too and doesn't remove query portions from any e-mail links which have them, such as in "mailto:fred aardvark. My modification of that again returns all the right results.

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Extract Email Addresses From Text

Shane's suggestion returns only e-mail addresses and eliminates duplicates, but doesn't remove query portions. I think his check for the URL scheme is more solid than mine for the presence of " " and anything which looks like a query can be cut before the NSDataDetector link search. Marc's script only allows for the presence of one dot in each address — which is better than my TIDs script! My version of Shane's version of my version of Yvan's version:.

So it does! Any difference in performance would depend on what was in the text and would be minute, but it makes for a simpler line in the script and I don't imagine the effect would be deliberately changed in the future. I've edited my script in post 7 accordingly.