Embedding a youtube video in powerpoint 2008 mac

In this post, you will learn how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. This way, you can embed YouTube videos all you want and always spice up every presentation. The idea is to add an online video because doing so will make your presentation better. There, you have millions of videos to check out. Luckily, PowerPoint will make this process easy for you because of its built-in feature.

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With this feature, you simply have to establish a secure internet connection. Once you have that taken care of, you can begin. Another option that allows you to insert videos to your PowerPoint is to go on the internet and search for a video.

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  • Part 1. Embed YouTube Video to PowerPoint in the Easiest Way;

Then download it to your computer. Another way that I have been using lately if you are on a new Mac is to use the new Screenflow software. Screenflow allows you to record the screen plus adding in a video track of yourself. Great to adding commentary and a personal touch to your presentations. Screenflow also allows you to edit out parts you don't want, very helpful.

Please look at SlideBoom. SlideBoom is based on iSpring and fairly supports almost all PowerPoint features: animations, transitions, audio, video, embedded Flash movies as well as PowerPoint pptx, ppsx formats.

How do I embed Youtube videos in a PPT slide ( for Mac; - Microsoft Community

This has to be the coolest tool ever. Sure it has a few minor issues with transitions and such when you upload your PP, but they are minor, and usually only pull out the junk transitions and such anyway Check it out, and if once there - head on over to www. I have found that it offers a great way to mix multiple types of content PPTs, youtube videos, audio, spreadsheets, etc. No more using powerpoint to close one presentation and to open a second, freepath gives a presenter a presentation environment for creation and delivery and then allows you to control what the audience view sees, while the present out of view opens the next presentation.

Also, it looks like you have not discovered AuthorStream yet. There are various presentation sharing options unique to this service. Wow, what a lot of great tools to add to the list - thanks very much, everyone! And we should also mention Scribd. Please try SlideServe.

SlideServe is a Free service from DigitalOfficePro and supports almost all effects like animations, transitions, audio, videom and Flash. There are any number of ways a nonprofit can make a document available to readers online.

Inserting videos into PowerPoint on Mac Tutorial

Put the text on your website, email it, offer a PDF for download, even embed a Powerpoint presentation in a web page. Combine the convenience of online document. What is it that is confusing you, specifically, ible? If you've got questions, I'll be happy to try to answer them. Try it Free for 30 Days.

Software Academy. Home Features Pricing Examples Themes. About Blog Forums Help Contact. Advisory Group Members in Focus Podcast. Security Data Protection. Newsletter Infographics. Upload and Link Yes, you could just upload a PowerPoint file to your web space and link to it as you would to any other file. Get a Widget Hands down, the easiest way to share a PowerPoint presentation on your website is through a free service like SlideShare.

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5 Easy Ways to Insert YouTube video into PowerPoint

Interesting article with lots of great tips, as usual Rebecca L. Dan PS. Thursday, 10 July at PM. Wow, what timing!

Playing a Video in PowerPoint on the Mac

I just signed up for a SlideShare account last week. The potential is huge. Cheers, Mitch. Saturday, 12 July at PM.

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  8. Cheers, KP. Monday, 14 July at AM. Any other suggestions, anyone? SlideShare is great. Sunday, 27 July at PM. Screenflow is made by Varasoftware. Thursday, 31 July at PM. Friday, 01 August at AM.


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