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Looking to hackintosh you Dell Mini? Get the tools and the know-how at our Mac OS X section. Check out our guides for help topics on upgrading and configuring your Dell Mini. Posts: Hey everyone, Im having issues with my mini9 booting up.

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The power indicator still blinks but it holds a charge and this message runs down the screen 4 times. EBIOS read error: media error Block 0xa73e0 Sectors 0 If anyone can help or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Posts: 6, Your BIOS is corrupted. Posts: 2.

OS X Install fails without a descriptive error

I have the same problem when attempting to boot from the SnoLeo disk for the first time. I have already ripped the DVD and burned it again and i have also put its content on a harddrive and attempted to boot from it.

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Always the same behaviour. Use the arrow keys to select the hard drive and hit enter to start up the computer. After another grey screen, you should see the setup assistant. Right now you have a completely working Hackintosh running Snow Leopard There will be a few more steps in order to upgrade to the newest operating system Drag the.

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When your system finally reboots, you should have a completely working, completely up to date hackintosh! After completing my build and playing around with it for a few days, here are the good things and the bad things about my hackintosh.

The price disparity gets bigger as you add better components such as quad cores and more RAM. The Bad: — The power supply and case fan that came with the Rosewill I bought are a little louder than I would have liked. My girlfriend keeps teasing me that it sounds like I have a space heater on. If you can, go with the empty case and get a quieter power supply and case fan.


I have a DVI cord on the way that will hopefully remedy the situation. Overall, this was a good investment, as now I have a computer that is able to hold all my pictures, movies, and research data on one machine. Once I invest in quieter fans, I will be able to leave it on all the time and stream my media to my Xbox and all around the house. The dual screens hopefully to be added soon , and processing power will make this an awesome command center for all my work.

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  • EBIOS read error: Media Error block?

Notify me of new posts via email. Home About. Project Mod Just another WordPress. So here is the saga so far. I actually started preparing to do this last fall and put it aside. Today I was feeling particularly technical so I decided to go ahead and get this done. Seemed to be a pretty common error indicating either the media or the DVD drive was having trouble. Plus I only have a 1 GB external drive yeah yeah I know. Sony brand. Like royally failed no matter how many times I tried changing things around. It gets confused.

None of these options worked for me. About an hour later, the validation finished and out popped the disc. Stupid, ugly Windows XP boot screen every time. I got my big steel external drive and plugged it in. I may leave this thing and go to bed then check on it in the morning.