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For anyone who has bought the software within the last 30 days, it might be worth exercising your right to a refund. Wyvern Business Systems are reporting the following :. Obviously, this news brings huge ramifications for Mac users from both an accessibility and workflow standpoint. While the Windows software undoubtedly has a larger installed user base, the majority of writers I come across are using Macs. With no viable native solution and no realistic competition , Mac users should consider using the Windows software via a virtual machine — something I have long advocated.

Just tested and Dragon 6. Installs but crashes on launch.

Like Like. Boot Camp is free with your Mac but requires you to restart the computer into Windows and back into macOS.

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In my experience, Parallels provides the most seamless experience. The only version for Windows you should buy is Dragon Professional Individual All other prior versions are now discontinued and Home 15 does not allow transcription or custom vocabulary training.

Thanks, Scott Do you know if Nuance is going to give a discount or anything to help Mac customers? John Blair. Scott, thank you for this update. Not to anywhere near the same level as on the desktop software.

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No transcription either. Hi Scott, can a profile be transferred if I now go Parallels would you know? Some may say no big deal that software sucks. I have no use of my arms and since Dragon Dictate 2.

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Being able to use a computer completely hands-free is very enabling for a high-level quadriplegic. I know Apple has built-in voice recognition. I know Apple has the resources and expertise to add these missing features. How do I get them interested in enhancing macOS built-in speech recognition to allow complete operation of the Mac by voice? If you want to do me and others with physical limitations that need to control their computer by voice a favor go and create a macOS enhancement request as I describe here:.

Short answer: no. You cannot dictate directly into the Mac programs. Not sure if it mattered, but I did tell them I bought it one month before they cancelled it. But they kindly reset it for me so I could use it in a different mac still using High Sierra. That was in January Then, the other day, when I turned on my main machine Dragon has automagically launched and was in a working condition — on the mac using Mojave.

But anyone caught in the same bind, try relaunching Dragon. It might now work.

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  • I never had any issues with the transition, or with it since. Never even knew about the discontinuing of the product until last night. I have been a Dragon user for 20 years since version 4, and finally with version 13 switched over to a Mac and have been horribly disappointed in the Mac version compared to the Windows version. Am I missing something? Surely I can upload my files to this service then copy the transcription straight over into my Pages document. You can still do this — Dragon 6. I also wonder how well they would cope with things like complex vocabularies, character and place names, things you can easily train Dragon to transcribe correctly.

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    Thanks Scott. I listened to your podcast with the Australian lady straight after writing that reply and Parallels along with Dragon15 sounds like the perfect answer. Dear Dragon Mac friends — please help! I am trying to do as recommended and run Dragon Home 15 on my Mac via Parallels. How did you guys get yours to work??

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    Is the problem that I got the Home version instead of the Professional version? Could you possibly pay the difference and get the upgrade to the Professional version? From what I read, you get unlimited devices with a license. Good news! Read the update again. It installs but will not launch — crashes every time.

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    I posted a screenshot. Feel free to contact Freemake Blog team. And it was a complete fail. So as it is impossible in the general mode, for dialects recognition create a profile and modify Accent. Try these tips and tricks to improve the quality of your speech recognition:. Nonetheless, it is a great app to write your ideas down hands-free. Apart from numerous iPhone and Android apps, Nuance Communications also develop software for computers. Dragon Software in its turn is not free. It is really easy to use and can amaze you with a quick and precise result. More in iOS Read More. Read More.

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