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Corel CS works best on Windows. I want to stay with my MAC — for too many reasons to go into here — so please, please, please get it together and come back! Actually, using the software is just a matter of habit. So the problem is not going to use Corel or Adobe. Corel talks about development costs and insufficient users on Mac to create a native Mac version.

Well what is the future for PC? Google Chrome operating systems are significantly progressing. I do think Mac would be a solid investment for a native Corel draw version. Mac marketing, general consumer awareness and sales have come a long way since the days of Corel Draw V11 that was Mac compatible. Hope Corel can make this change, I think many fans have been eagerly awaiting the news of the native version on Mac.

By then it truly will be too late. Technology and web services are growing rapidly. As far as Paint Shop Pro Photo is concerned, they waited too long. Well, the demand swelled and they continued to ignore it—until too late. Corel 11 still worked pretty good on my Macbook running Snow Leopard.

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However, the move to Mavericks Mac OS killed that little joy — even if it was only barely hanging on through Rosetta. Illustrator is okay. I hate Windows. After ten year of only windows version asking us if we want some products for Mac is barely stupid. People asked this for ten years, is it not enought?

I just bought a brand new iMac, got super excited and started loading in all my design software, then I got to Corel Draw. Stupid me, it never occurred to me that a major design software would not be available for a major design based operating system like Mac! Now I am waiting for an rma since I obviously could not install the software after downloading it. Very disappointed and trying to find an alternative now. Come on Corel, give us a Mac version, pleeeeease! I use CorelDraw for my business. I create my labels, online banners and a lot of other marketing tools using this program, however since I switched to mac, I have been having a lot of trouble with the program.

If you were to create a mac version, I would upgrade. I would love to see a CorelDraw native app for the Mac. I have played with the resolution for Windows, but nothing solves the program itself.


Any ideas until Corel decides Mac users are valuable enough to provide a native program for them? Corel, has there been any progress made towards deciding on a mac version? Well, just so you know, in the seven months since my last post I have completely removed CorelDRAW from my workflow here on my mac running windows and have found other alternative softwares that more than get the job done. Since Adobe held a gun to our heads and Corel seems dead set against the mac version my company has moved us to a completely different alternative that eliminate both the need of Adobe and Corel.

BTW, this is a Global decision so there goes a good chunk of change for you. Another favorite, albeit non-Corel video production application of mine is Windows-exclusive and for as much as I love it, the hassles of running Windows itself drove me away.

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Means I have two choices to run Corel on my job: This is for 1 user. Really this is madness. The comments that follow only apply to those who have recently switched. They are a great company. They have intuitive applications, much more so than Adobe, IMO. You have your thing.

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Sometimes cost effectiveness weighs more than convenience. This mindset IS changing however, as the typical Mac tends to carry double or more the usable lifespan as those PCs that are traditionally replaced every 2. Add to this that Windows itself has changed drastically not once, but twice in the last 7 years.

Windows 7 was such a drastic change that even major corporations held onto their XP to reduce culture shock. Then when Windows 8 came out, the shift was again so drastic that those businesses who stick with XP have chosen to accept Windows 7 rather than go through an even more extensive retraining cycle on 8. People switched from Windows to Mac for reasons that had nothing to do with their graphics work.

Perhaps they thought that there would be software in the Mac world that would meet their needs but were disappointed with what they found. In both cases, Corel has a golden opportunity to fill a gaping hole. Will they do it, or are they too rigid and small-minded for such a venture? I still have to use window in some touchscreen display applications and it is like having a pet tiger… all lovely and cuddly then one day it will bite your head off. Yep count me in…. Because the technology changes. Microsoft and the hardware platforms that run it are a sinking, though very large ship.

I, for one, got off. And I loved it. Come in, the Mac water is fine. I paid the same for a Dell laptop for my wife at the same time in The bottom line is Apple sells a good product at a fair price.

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But try to find a decent Windows machine. I third the motion! When will Corel give us solid information instead of constantly hedging around it? This looks like a circus and it seems that we are all clowns. All of Us talk over and over about a single problem and nobody seems to hear. At least one word about this, Corel Team! All of Us, as users deserve, at least, this care! The solution was too clunky keeping VM ware, Windows, and Corel updated, and having enough hardware power to run it, and switch between my Mac apps was just too much.

So, I left Corel about a year ago. Today, Microsoft is hopeless and the hardware platforms it runs on are plastic junk. It took me about a year to adjust to Illustrator. I dedicated myself to only using Illustrator and opened Corel in that time period. After about a year I went back, and Corel felt clunky. So really, I think it is just a matter of what you get used to.

I am at the point not where I can work faster in Illustrator. I have tried many alternative applications but there are just no substitutes for the mac, and I am with you, running VMWare fusion, Windows, and virus protection just to run DRAW is just plan stupid. Might as well pay Adobe and work on the mac.

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I am putting off doing any vector work and am learning Blender and submitting those image along with photos to stock sites rather than the vector files I used to create. Bootcamp is no good for me because you have to reboot to change between OSX and windows. Does anyone know of another solution, or does Corel have anything more to report regarding a native Mac version. By the time Corel figures out what they want to do with the mac and maybe they already have the opportunity for them will have already passed.

Today I have 3 laptops Win 8. Guess where I design? But in all those years I realize that computers Linux, mac, Windows are mere tools for making a good job. The most important factor it is YOU! Sure I love my macs, and want a Corel for Mac version. The company does not like?


Corel Draw for Mac is not natively available any more

Microsoft pushes to do not? Use hand reach software! And for people that have one Mac… why change to Win? Back to PC? Dont think so! Dont change hardware, change software, change working parameters, dont be slave of corporations.

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Only certain older versions of CDR work kinda on wine. X5, X6 simply does not work through it. VM Fusion or Parallels or…. Anyone know how to remove the unnecessary windows bloat to reduce the size of the installation. Alternatively, has anyone had experience running windows of an external drive? Is USB3 fast enough?