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Mac Dictation is an Accessibility feature that lets you use your voice to interact with your computer. You can set up a Dictation keyboard shortcut, and the default is to press the Function Fn key twice.

Use Voice Dictation To Speak To Your Mac

Clicking on the menu below the microphone will let you choose your input source. If you have AirPods, using that as a microphone is perfect. Here you can get a list of commands you can use.

Speech Recognition For Mac Tutorial 1 - Setting Up The Computer

You can also use Mac dictation to give your computer a hands-free Hey Siri command. Clicking on Dictation Commands will show you a list of default commands to use. If you click the box next to Enable Advanced Commands, you can edit the list to add custom commands or delete current ones. Method 1. Make sure your microphone is enabled and ready to use.

Open Google Chrome. Open the document you want to edit.

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Click the Tools menu. Click Voice typing.

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A microphone panel will appear. Speak the words you want to type. Speak clearly at a regular volume and speed. The words you say will appear on the screen just as they are spoken. Say these terms to add punctuation and new lines where necessary: Period , Comma , Exclamation point , Question mark , New line , New paragraph.

You can also use voice commands to format the text. You can move around the document with voice commands.

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Say Go to or Move to , followed by the desired location e. The words you say will no longer appear in the document as you speak. Method 2. You can only use voice typing in the speaker notes, not the slides themselves. Click the Slides presentation you want to edit.

This opens the file for editing. Click Voice type speaker notes. This opens the speaker notes, as well as a small panel with a microphone on it. The changes you made to the file will be saved immediately.

How to use dictation on your Mac

No, it's not possible. Google doesn't release offline desktop apps for most of its services. Yes No.