Comcast live tv on mac

Q&A: How To Watch Live TV On A Mac

Choose from plans that fit real lifestyles so you can get exactly the type of programming you like to watch best. Want an even more personalized package? Customize your plan with premium channels. Fios TV Mundo offers popular Spanish language entertainment, including sports, news and movies for the whole family. Stuck in line? With Verizon Fios, streaming has never been simpler; enjoy on any compatible mobile device.

How to Live Stream Video to the Biggest Screen in the House

Verizon Fios streaming makes it easy to catch up on your favorite shows, live or On Demand. You might be wondering, how can I watch Verizon Fios on my computer? All you have to do is log in with your password and username on a broadband connection. Streaming has never been easier. Stream on the Fios TV app. Upgrade your entertainment by switching to Verizon Fios today. Live TV shows, super-fast internet, and show-stopping premium movie channels can all be yours with a Fios package. Make the switch today for a whole-home entertainment upgrade.

Experience virtually zero lag time with Fios streaming. Enjoy your shows like never before. Elevate your entertainment game. Fios offers a reliably fast internet connection for everything you do online. Stream, surf the web, and challenge friends to online games at the speed of fiber optics. Watch your favorite sports teams with crystal clear clarity. With Verizon, streaming is a snap. Connect in virtually any room in your house with compatible devices and get matching upload and download speeds.

Fios TV comes with all the features you want in a TV package and more:. I can view the app on all of my mobile devices just not my computer.

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Any suggestions? I was told to download another browser, I don't think I should have to do that. Sorry you're having trouble. Assuming you are using one of the supported browsers Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE you should not have to download another one it does sometimes help identify the source of the issue, however.

Most of our engineering team use Macbook Pros so we should be able to resolve this for you. Please try signing out of the website from within Settings looks like a gear icon then click "Sign out". That will remove your device from our database so it comes in fresh when you sign back in. I also am having the exact same problem except I am using a computor running Windows Firefox has the same issue but Edge does not have this problem.

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  • Can someone please look into this? There was no problem until I allowed the software update this afternoon. Access ceased using Chrome immediatly after the update.

    Start Watching Showtime

    I have cleared the cache, history, etc. When I refresh the page, it attempts to load the enhanced tv experience, but just continues to cyle endlessly. I did notice a change when I attempted to log in this morning, every time I attempted to click sign in and put in my username and password I would get kicked out. I could only log in through the support menu. I was prompted to update my viewing experience and clicked yes.

    I wasn't concerened because I have always elected to update my set top box whenever proompted to. This update however, did not work and I guess I am wondering am I the only one that is having this issue? I currently still cannot watch on my computer, which I had trul ycome to enjoy and any further assistance you can provide would be appreciated.

    Both laptops try to "add the device" but it just hangs and eventually gives a "Sorry, We're having some trouble. Try back later. Error: xacsa.

    Comcast Disputes Report that it Won’t Bring Xfinity Stream App to Apple TV

    I have cleared caches, history, logged out of accounts, reset or restarted devices. Had an Xfinity technical support chat and was kicked "upstairs" as refreshing my account on Xfinity's end also did not solve the problem. Was told I would hear back within 24 hours. Oh, well.

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    • I'm having the same issue. Using Chrome, and Safari, never gets past the adding device screen. As the circle spins to add the device, the screen goes gray and nothing loads. No one can seem to help. Often seems to relate to Adobe Flash. Still works on my phone. No live TV. I've signed out and signed back in. Same abridged listings. I've tried clicking on recently viewed channels and get nothing.

      I'm miffed.

      Is there any reason to get Apple TV channels over Amazon or Roku?

      I am having the same issue as you are. Work all last week with Chrome. Got no help from the phone call to them. I'm getting a message saying it's Flash but have uninstalled and reinstalled and continue to get the same thing. I've followed all the steps they offer as support and it still doesn't work. What's up? I had no issues with this previously. I would like to watch TV from my computer. Just kidding. I had to click the puzzle piece in the top right corner of the URL bar on Chrome.