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The new Mac Pro was available for order in the wee hours of the morning of December Apple told Macworld that the earliest orders were actually shipped out later that day, but by breakfast time here on the West Coast, shoppers were seeing shipping estimates of February When we review a new Mac, we prefer to review the base model s , and then we purchase one or more CTO models for benchmarking purposes. We published our first benchmarks of our review model , and the results were in some ways surprising: The eight-core Mac Pro was only 8 percent faster in our Speedmark 9 benchmark suite than a CTO iMac maxed out with a quad-core 3.

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Results are scores. Higher results are better. Best score in bold. Reference models in italics. An Apple demonstration to Macworld staff was likewise striking, as it involved Final Cut Pro X displaying 16 different angles of 4K Multicam video simultaneously, while live-rendering 4K video with multiple, complex effects applied.

Similarly, the user-run Final Cut Pro X site fcp. In one test, the site put a Red Raw 4K clip in a 4K project and added 18 effects; the clip rendered and played in real time without dropping frames.

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The disparate results of our individual tests reflect my real-world experiences with the new Mac Pro. But when I started playing with filters on high-res video in Final Cut Pro X, and transcoding video using HandBrake, the new Mac Pro showed just how much more powerful it really is. For example, it took just over 12 minutes for HandBrake to convert a two-hour movie from a ripped. On my 2. The utility showed write speeds of Behind this circuit board is the Mac Pro's processor, pressed tightly against the computer's thermal core a central heat sink and ventilation system. Mac Pro?

Or Cheese Grater?

Apple Refreshes Mac Pro With Modular Design, $6,000 Starting Price

WWDC19 pic. Mac Pro - more like to be - Mac and Cheese grater pic.

New Mac Pro looks like a cheese grater cuz is gonna shred all the funds in ur bank account bu-dun-ski The Mac Pro has been upgraded from a trash can to a cheese grater. Although the machine will be available to the public in fall , people already seem to have laid their hands upon the new Mac Pro.

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Testing out the new Mac Pro. WWDC pic. Ya'll say the Mac Pro is a cheese grater, but I'm gonna use mine to get beach ready feet. You can catch all the highlights from the big event here. The base model sports a new 8-core Intel Xeon processor, putting a lot of horsepower for multitasking at your fingertips. The Xeon line of CPUs are created for professional workstations — and, this can be configured up to a Xeon processor with an astonishing 28 cores.

The more cores, the better it can run multiple tasks at once — so the processor powering the new Mac Pro will indisputably handle even the most exacting creative tasks without a problem. That makes it the highest memory bandwidth of any GPU. This means that if you have the need — and the budget — you can install two Vega II Duos for a crazy GB of video memory and 56 teraflops of graphics performance. All this output needs a lot of power, which is why there's a 1.

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However, the noise is fairly muted despite the fans inside, and when seeing it running at full power, we didn't feel a large amount of heat emanating from the rear, nor heard anything like a light aircraft trying to take off. This kind of graphical grunt will demolish most video encoding and rendering tasks — even at resolutions of 8K and above.

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Seeing it in real time, you could see and feel the raw power of the rendering capabilities of the Mac Pro One creative artist estimated the raw power of the extra cores gave him around four times the performance previously available, meaning he had far more time to allot to his artwork and creative process rather than standing around to see if the images and videos had shown as intended. Memory-wise, the Mac Pro supports six-channel memory and comes with 12 slots, which allows you to install up to 1.

In a demonstration, this allowed a full orchestra-worth of instruments to be rendered within that RAM space, which means that a rack of PCs can now be swapped out by a single Mac Pro unit, with the output slickly creating right in front of our eyes.

Even at the entry level with a 8-core Intel Xeon processor with a max turbo boost of 4. The Mac Pro is definitely not meant for everyday computing, not that most users would feel comfortable paying such a high price. The entry model Mac Pro comes with a GB SSD, which is the only part of the specifications that seems a bit low since that doesn't offer much storage space these days.

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However, you'll have the option to upgrade it with up to a 4TB drive. That's a gigantic SSD and will be a major bonus to any video editors considering this machine.